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Land Rover partnership with Barbour


Two quintessentially British icons, Land Rover and Barbour, introduce their first clothing and accessories collaboration for Autumn/Winter 2014

Launched suitably with a day of country pursuits at Land Rover’s spiritual home Eastnor Castle, the Barbour for Land Rover Collection personifies all that is best about the great British outdoors. A contemporary interpretation of the two brands’ traditional values, the collection adds the finishing touch to a modern lifestyle.

Land Rover Barbour Partnership

It’s the first time that Land Rover has collaborated with Barbour, and the clothing and accessories for men and women embody both brands’ key strengths of capability, design and reliability. As you would expect, the collection is inspired by Land Rover’s contemporary style matched by traditional Barbour quality and robust construction.

Land Rover Barbour Partnership

Traditional country detailing is married with technical modern touches and ergonomically shaped fit for comfort while driving. Trademark quilted and waxed men’s and women’s jackets are complemented with luxurious woollen knits, accessories and matching luggage.

Land Rover Barbour Partnership

There's a strong synergy between Barbour and Land Rover, we're both established British brands with years of heritage, renowned for our understated style and synonymous with British countryside.

Steve Buck

Land Rover Barbour Partnership

Both marques are revered for their all-terrain and all-weather resilience.

Robin Colgan

Land Rover Barbour Partnership

A shared understanding of how style and functionality work together has resulted in sophisticated, reliable clothing and accessories. The collection launches in August 2014, and is available through Barbour stores and online. From September 2014, you will be able to buy the Barbour for Land Rover Collection through Land Rover Experience Centres and the Land Rover Shop online.