• What is InControl Touch Map Updater?
    InControl Touch Map Updater is a free software tool available for PC and Mac. It is used for activating, download and installing maps and related contents (free and paid) for InControl Touch Navigation system. It also provides various features to effectively manage the content on the InControl Touch SD Card.
  • What is Activation?
    Activation is the process of downloading and installing a licence to the InControl Touch Maps SD Card to enable use of navigation on a specific vehicle with InControl Touch navigation system.
  • What is the Backup SD Card feature?
    Backup is used to record a snapshot of the InControl Touch SD Card online. This enables the SD Card to be restored to a previous backed up state at any time.
  • Where is the SD Card?
    The InControl Touch Map SD Card should be in the SD Card slot of the vehicle. Please refer to the vehicle handbook for the exact location of the slot.
  • Why is the Map Updater not detecting SD Card?
    Map Updater only recognises valid SD Cards designed for use with InControl Touch navigation system. Any other SD Cards will not be detected.

    If the SD Card is damaged or the data has been changed in any form without the use of Map Updater, it could result in the SD Card being unrecognised.

    You may also want to check if the SD Card slot on your PC or Mac is working properly.
  • Why are some options unavailable?
    InControl Touch Map Updater automatically recognises the eligible options for the detected SD Card and only offers the available choices for easier and quicker selection. It disables the options which are not applicable and/or unavailable.
  • What payment methods can I use?
    InControl Touch Map Updater supports online payment. All major credit cards are accepted. For some countries other payment methods such as direct debit and bank transfer, PayPal, DB24, CommerzBank OnlineBankingweb, Dresdner Bank internetbanking, Netpay, Paybox, iDEAL, Solo card, etc. are also available.
  • How do I know if I have any updates available?
    Use the InControl Touch Map SD Card with the Map Updater to check for available updates. The Map Updater automatically recognizes eligible and available updates for the detected SD Card and offers them for download and install.
  • Can I store my personal data on the SD Card?
    It is strongly recommended to use the InControl Touch Map SD Card exclusively for InControl Touch navigation content. The card should not be used for storing personal data. Any changes to the SD Card's content must be carried out only through Map Updater.
  • Why is my vehicle not recognising the SD Card?
    If your InControl Touch Map SD Card is not recognised, please ensure that the SD Card is inserted properly in the SD Card slot in the vehicle. If it is inserted correctly, please switch off the ignition, close all doors of the vehicle and lock the vehicle for 2 minutes before restarting the vehicle.

    If the SD Card is still not recognised, please contact your Dealer for further assistance.
  • Do you have a contact centre for support?
    Please contact your Dealer for any further assistance.


Nahtlose Vernetzung zwischen Ihrem Fahrzeug, Ihrem Smartphone und dem Rest der Welt.


InControl Protect liefert eine praktische InControl Remote Smartphone-App, erweiterte Land Rover Assistance und SOS-Notruf.


InControl Secure stellt durch ein Ortungssystem fest, wenn Ihr Fahrzeug unbefugt bewegt wird.


Fragen und Antworten zu den InControl Produkten.

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